Sharks sign Orlando Coleman

The Southland Sharks have announced the signing of G/F Orlando Coleman.

Coleman attended Texas Southern University and Kennesaw State, and has also spent time in Canada, Mexico and Serbia.

Coleman lead the Serbian league in scoring (22.9 PPG) and was also near the top in rebounding (7.7 RPG) and steals (1.6 SPG).

Former Breakers and current Melbourne United head coach Dean Vickerman was a big reason behind Coleman’s decision to sign with the Sharks.

“I was able to be coached by Dean Vickerman at a camp in Vegas over summer and he was very supportive in helping me and talking with Coach Judd (Flavell) to enable me to connect me with him. I thought it was a great opportunity for me to come and play and I’m just flattered to be able to be a part of a great organisation at the Sharks,” Coleman said.

Coleman is looking forward to joining the Sharks and hopes to contribute to their success.

“I’m just getting things started. It’s early for me but it has been a good ride so far and I just hope I can continue the success coming down there to help our team win a championship. That’s my goal. I haven’t won a championship yet, so that’s the most important thing. I like to win,” Coleman said.

Sharks head coach Judd Flavell spoke highly of the team’s newest addition.

“His YouTube account is full of highlights and I think he can quickly add plenty more. He plays with a lot of energy and is always involved in the middle of the action at both ends, given the physical specimen that he is. He’s someone I can probably challenge and put him on the opposition’s best offensive player to go and defend him or offensively go and make plays. At this stage of his career he’s hungry and wants to take his game to the next level and I see this as a great opportunity for him to do that with the Sharks,” Flavell said.

With the signing of Coleman, the Sharks now have two imports on their roster for the upcoming NZ NBL season, and Flavell says the team is looking into a third.

“We are looking and we will wait and see if the right player shows up. We’ve put together a great roster so far and there’s no need to rush into this next import spot. That’s what the off-season is about, finding the right player, the right person, who is in the right stage of their career. It’s about putting in the homework to recruit the best possible fit for your team,” he said.

The Sharks begin their season on April 26 against the Bay Hawks in Taradale.


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